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Multi Purpose PIC Development Board

This project is for the design and use of a PIC development tool which is flexible to suit a wide range of PIC based electronic projects. The PIC development board design presented here is based on a two board type construction.

The first PCB is a main back plane board which hosts the power supply, MCLR reset circuit, RS232 and PICKIT programmer pin-header. This board serves as an interconnecting board which holds up to six daughter boards.

The second PCB board type is the daughter board component. A standardised PCB design and footprint is used to create a PCB board design which can be added and removed from the main board as desired. The purpose of the daughter board is host either a microcontroller or peripheral circuit for example, a Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). The design intent is to create daughter boards as required. This project therefore is ongoing.

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