Project Portfollio

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PIC Development Board
PIC Development Board
HDSP2000 Driver
HDSP2000 Driver
Log Cabin Alarm
Shed / Log Cabin Alarm
5v Power Supply
5v Power Supply
PIC USB Function Generator
USB PIC Function Generator
Tortoise Vivarium Lamp Controller
A mains powered control unit, which controls the day and heat lamps; of a reptile vivarium or fish aquarium.

Maintains a 24 hour clock, and allows the user to set the light control by entering the times for sunrise and sunset.
Temperature Controller
Tortoise Incubator Heat Lamp Controller
Big Clock
Big 24hr Clock Project
PIC Function Generator
PIC chip function generator
8 Bit Development Board
8 bit ADC/DAC development board
Rotary Drill Power Supply
Rotory craft drill power supply with speed control
Word Clock
This project is for the design of a digital clock, that displays the time as a word sentance,
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