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PIC Chip Firmware Database


This database is where you can find a range of PIC Chip firmware 'mini' projects/IC functions, that maybe of use to your electronic projects. From time to time I write firmware for PIC chips to perform a specific function, or to emulate a function of another IC. Each entry contains an instruction manual, programming code files and PIC HEX file to program your own PIC ICs.




Parallel Data to USB converter. The this IC firmware allows an 8 bit parallel databus to be connected to a the PC via USB. Supplied is the MikroBasic Pro project files which will allow you to compile the project to generate the .hex file. You will also need to use the MikroBasic Pro HID tool to assign the USB vendor and product ID codes before compiling.


Digital thermometer IC, Designed to interface with the MCP9700 via an amplifing operational amplifier circuit. Provides a readout on a 4 x 7 segment numerical display


Digital alarm clock IC, designed to fucntion as an alarm clock and clock calender. Interfaces to a generic 16 x 2 alpha-numerical display. Operation is via two push buttons for quick and easy programming.


SPI controlled 4 x 7 segment display driver IC. This IC is designed to provide an SPI controlled LED numerical display. SPI data is a single 16 bit word, and allows numbers 0 - 9999 to be displayed. There is also a decimal point feature for putting a decimal point on segments 1 - 3. Zeros on non-used segments can also be omitted by sending logic 1 (+5v) to pins 14 or 15.

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